How It Works

1. Download the miniPhaser App or use the on/off button to set the intensity

Visit the Apple iOS App Store here to download the miniPhaser application. You can also use the on/off button located in the center of the miniPhaser to set the desired intensity. Simply press once to turn the miniPhaser on and then click through each intensity until you find the one that is right for your horse. The red LEDs will light up indicating the intensity level.

2. Choose Your Light and Vibration Intensity

The miniPhaser uses 3 wavelengths of light. Red, InfraRED and Full Spectrum. All of these wavelengths have been found to help relieve pain. The red allows for superficial penetration into the tissue while the InfraRED penetrates deep into the tissue. Red light has also been found to create ATP and increase circulation. The full spectrum covers all the wavelengths including blue which has been found to trigger the brain to respond better to light therapy. There are 4 intensities to choose from. the LED lights are synced with the motion of the vibration from Intensity 1 being the least intensive to intensity 4 being the highest vibration and most light during the treatment phase.


3. Spray the Area of Treatment with the Essential Elements Spray

Shake well. Remove excess dirt and dust from the treatment area.. Apply 1-2 ounces as a light spray mist to coat the treatment area. (When applying the Spray to the legs, do not place a wrap tightly over the application area.)


4. Apply the miniPhaser to the Treatment Area

Set the time of treatment via the Phaser App. It is recommended to treat for at least 10 minutes 2 times a day for maximum effectiveness.

CAUTION: While red light therapy is widely considered to be completely safe, there are a few precautions:

The most common risk associated with this therapy is shining it in your eyes. Not that red or infrared light itself is damaging to your eyes, but the devices can produce high glare. just be careful to not to shine the light in your eyes. (The same goes for your horse.) Never look directly into the minPhaser.